Grill Hours
Open 8am to 2:30am every day!


Broadway Saloon was established in 1993 in an old building that previously housed the Hunt and Fish Tavern and, quite possibly prior to that, the Beaverton Jail. The iron bars were still on the back windows during the ’93 renovation — this time keeping people from getting in rather than escaping!

The name and decor were inspired by the taverns and saloons of Virginia City, Nevada, a western mining town where in 1863 Samuel Langhorne Clemens began publishing under the pen name Mark Twain. Beaverton’s Broadway Saloon has character reminiscent of places like the Delta, the lively Bucket of Blood, the Union Brewery (where the beer is still made downstairs), and the Mark Twain, a saloon named in honor of Virginia City’s favorite son.

Although it is not likely that you will hear the organ grinder or see the weary miner having an “after-shifter,” you will enjoy great food, an unforgettable atmosphere and prices low enough to make eating out an everyday pleasure!


Breakfast Served Daily
8am - 11:30am
8am - 1pm